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DeSantis suggests Trump doesn’t understand the ‘woke’ threat to America
June 3, 2023

The current top two contenders for the Republican presidential nomination are trading verbal fire over the term “woke.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis told reporters on Saturday that “woke is an existential threat to our society.”

Biden Fights for Woke and Big Labor Interests in FY 2024 Budget Proposal
March 9, 2023

“President Biden’s budget is a fiscal disaster that will dig our nation further into unsurmountable debt. The President is once again calling for reckless spending for the Department of Labor, Department of Education, and the Department of Health and Human Services, indicating that he has no interest in reining in these agencies or making them accountable to America’s students, workers, and taxpayers.

The Department of Education’s budget includes half a trillion in additional debt from unauthorized spending for the President’s radical student loan agenda, $120 billion in mandatory dollars for his free college fantasy, and an additional $90 billion in discretionary funding—$100 million of which calls for community grants ‘to promote racial and socioeconomic diversity in their schools.’ Students fell behind during the pandemic because of prolonged school closures, yet this administration is peddling woke politics and more of the same bloated policies that hurt students’ academic growth.”

Most voters like the term ‘woke,’ exclusive poll says, despite GOP war on word
March 8, 2023

Republican 2024 presidential hopefuls have vowed to wage war on “woke,” but a new USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll finds that might not be the best approach with voters as the majority of Americans view the term positively.

Fifty-six percent of those surveyed defined the term as being “informed, educated on, and aware of social injustices” while 39% found the word to reflect the GOP’s definition of being “overly politically correct and police others’ words.”

And, as Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page reports: The findings raise questions about whether Republican campaign promises to ban policies at schools and workplaces they denounce as “woke” could boost a contender in the party’s primaries but put them at odds with broader public opinion in the general election.

Vivek Ramaswamy, a Wealthy ‘Anti-Woke’ Activist, Joins the 2024 Presidential Field
February 21, 2023

Mr. Ramaswamy’s self-described “anti-woke” message — he wrote the book “Woke, Inc.” – is common among Republicans, who have cast coronavirus mitigation measures like mask and vaccine mandates as tyranny; pursued hundreds of restrictions on transgender people”s medical care, sports participation, bathroom use and more; and accused social media companies like Twitter and Facebook of suppressing conservative voices.

He said what distinguished him from the other Republicans who are running, or are likely to run, was “a vision of national identity that dilutes these other agendas to irrelevance.”